Patient Care Representative Program

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  • Length Of Study:

    8 Weeks

  • Career Level:

    Gateway / Entry Level

  • Online Type:


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Patient Care Representatives (PCR) collaborate with healthcare providers to enhance care quality. The PCR will have the opportunity to coordinate care for diverse patient populations while addressing their physical and psychological needs. Scheduling follow-up appointments, screening/monitoring patients using questionnaires regarding mental health or other conditions, coaching patients as they prepare for screening procedures, and providing reminders for their pre-visit lab tests constitute proactive patient outreach.

The PCR maintains records, statistics, and databases associated with regional and local program objectives and regulatory requirements. Patient Care Representatives, under the direction of and in collaboration with other healthcare professionals, assist patients in identifying and utilizing resources that enhance the quality of care.

Length of Study

8 Weeks


  • The mandatory Jump Start course Human Touch Healthcare™ must be successfully completed.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will have been provided the opportunity to:

  • Define what it means to be a patient advocate and identify actions that demonstrate patient advocacy.
  • Explain how to care for patients with common chronic conditions including recognizing if their condition is improving or worsening, providing appropriate patient education, and identifying common data points that should be reported to the healthcare team.
  • Describe how biological, psychosocial, cultural, and socioeconomic determinants impact chronic disease and how vulnerable populations manage their health.
  • Identify components of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and how to effectively use it when caring for patients in various settings.
  • Describe how data, including HEDIS and CMS ratings impact patient care.
  • Identify the different modalities that comprise Telehealth and describe how to effectively educate and engage patients.
  • Explain how comprehensive care can be provided to patients utilizing an interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Identify strategies to create a trusting partnership between

Online Type


Credential Awarded

Certificate of Completion


Access Representative, Admissions Coordinator, Panel Manager, Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC), Patient Access Coordinator, Patient Access Specialist, Patient Navigator, Patient Resource Worker, Patient Service Representative

Career Level

Gateway / Entry Level

Student Support

  • Each of our educational partners will offer student support services, and you will have access to their respective student handbooks
  • Along your scholar journey, your assigned Futuro Health Coach will give you more coaching and help.

Student Cost

  • Futuro Health supports the mission to expand the broadest network of healthcare professionals through our generous annual financial support.
  • The Futuro Health Scholarship Fund will pay the entire tuition for scholars who enroll in this program in 2023.
  • There will be some minimum out-of-pocket expenses for the application and enrollment processes for scholars. Here is a list of these expenses:
    • $150 non-refundable application fee for Jump Start coursework and gateway training program.
  • For additional optional benefits, students can join SEIU-Healthcare UHW's Justice Division. The monthly fee for this SEIU-UHW membership is $20. Current SEIU-UHW members are exempt from paying this $20 monthly fee. This entry-level role will place you on a path to increase educational pathways in community health worker, social and human services, counseling, and even social work.

Fast Facts

Job Outlook

According to O*Net, the outlook is favorable, with a 10% increase in projected growth.

Work Environment

The Patient Care Representatives can work in acute care, community clinics, ambulatory care clinics, outpatient care clinics, and other settings.

Career Opportunities

This entry-level role will place you on a path to increase educational pathways in community health worker, social and human services, counseling, and even social work.


  • Coordinate communication between patients, family members, medical staff, administrative staff, or regulatory agencies.
  • Interview patients or their representatives to identify problems relating to care.
  • Refer patients to appropriate health care services or resources.
  • Prepare research or technical reports.
  • Distribute materials to employees or patients.
  • Prepare informational or reference materials.
  • Instruct patients in the use of assistive equipment.
  • Teach basic living or other adaptive skills to patients or caregivers.

Day in the Life

The PCR will coordinate communication among patients, family members, medical personnel, administrative personnel, and regulatory agencies. Interview patients or their representatives to identify care-related issues and provide patient referrals to appropriate healthcare services or resources.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Upon acceptance to a program with Futuro Health, will you seek a job in the field for which you are being trained?
  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you able to provide proof of high school diploma/GED or equivalency?
  • Are you legally allowed to work in the United States?
  • Are you able to pass a background check with no felony conviction?
  • Are you willing to commit 2-3 hours per day (estimated at 10+ hours per week) of study time for your coursework?
  • Do you have regular access to high-speed Internet?
  • Do you have regular access to a computer or laptop less than seven years old?
  • Do you have proficiency in English fluency reading and comprehension?

Preferred Qualifications

  • Family or friend referred by a member of SEIU-UHW who is in good standing.
  • How would others describe your level of attention to detail on written documents?
  • How much do you agree or disagree with this statement? I see myself as dependable/self-disciplined.
  • How much do you agree or disagree with this statement? I see myself as disorganized/careless.

Additional Requirements

  • Regularly log in to their online course.
  • Actively participate in coursework by contributing ideas and information and responding to feedback provided by the instructor in the class.
  • Work productively in all assigned activities.
  • Achieve a minimum 77% grade average in the course.
  • Students absent for 14 consecutive calendar days, including weekends, from the last date of academically related activity, may be terminated.